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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of traffic will my website get?

This depends on which of our 8 traffic packages you choose. In short, most of your traffic will come from high traffic websites on our network. REAL VISITORS! Traffic will NEVER come from adult websites (unless you have ordered adult traffic), SPAM or any other unethical form of generating traffic.

2. What is an abandoned domain?
An abandoned domain refers to a domain that was not renewed when the owner got the renewal notice from the registrar. The domain expired but still resides on a server. Each week a ton of domains are not renewed. Many of these domains are still getting large amounts of traffic and are still listed and active in many of the high traffic search engines such as MSN and YAHOO.

3. When will my traffic campaign start?
Once your order is confirmed we will place you in our rotation within 24 hours. You can expect your traffic campaign to start and hits to begin coming in 48 hours after your order is confirmed.

4. What is a popunder page?
A popunder is a pop up that loads in the background underneath a web page. This is a highly effective form of internet advertising because contrary to a pop up, a popunder fully loads in the background and is seen when the visitor has finished viewing the original web page. Popunders have been given a lot of press lately due to their effectiveness. You most likely have seen this type of advertising on high traffic websties in your journeys on the internet.

5. How long will it take to receive the traffic?
After you make your purchase it takes 24 hours to process and upload your url to the promotion network. Then 24 hours later the traffic should begin.

6. Are there any restrictions on the content of my website?
We require that the contents of your website be legal and be of appropriate content for the viewing of all ages (unless categorized and targeted for adult viewing). We DO NOT accept hacking or warez type sites. If you are in doubt about whether your site is acceptible, please don't hesitate to contact us.

7. How is the traffic calculated?
Traffic is calculated by the number of times your site is displayed on our advertising network either by the number of times a domain redirects to your site or by the number of popunders. There is an exception if you purchased a unique visitor promotion.

8. Will I be able to track the progress of the promotion?
Yes you will. We are in the process of offering our own statistical tracking software for all of our clients. This software is still in development so for now we ask our clients to use 3rd party counters and/or tracking software.

9. Do you guarantee sales or signups on my site?
No, it would be impossible to guarantee the number of sales or signups at your site. That, of course, depends on your site and its product's appeal to your audience. We can only guarantee that you will receive the traffic you paid for and that no matter what promotion you have purchased.

10. How long does it take to deliver traffic?
Normally traffic begins within 24-48 hours. We try to deliver 1,500 - 3,000 hits per day to your site. This can be accelerated if needed.

11. Can I use pop-ups in my advertising?
Pop-ups are only allowed with abandoned domains and our special wholesale pop-under program. Pop-ups prevent our delivery system from working effectively, and we alienate the site owners who permit us to deliver our pop-ups and pop-unders.
Warning: Do not insert pop-ups while EasyHitz is serving traffic. This will result in a freeze of delivery and the balance paid is non-refundable.

12. What does the Square Trade Logo Mean?
There are "fly-by-night" operators on the Internet who take your money and run. We want to assure you that we are not one of them.
To be awarded the SquareTrade Seal, We must pass a rigorous approval process, which includes: Identity verification: SquareTrade sends a physical identity letter with a code that must be confirmed. They additionally verify identity through proof from a 3rd party. Superior selling track record: SquareTrade runs your eBay feedback history through 5 separate checks. They have developed sophisticated systems based on extensive experience of dispute resolution that allow them to evaluate the quality and quantity of eBay feedback. Dispute resolution: They also check whether we have a history of not resolving disputes. SquareTrade Standards: EasyHitz commits to meeting the SquareTrade standards on how we sell, and to respond to disputes within 5 business days.


WholeSale Traffic
Traffic comes in the form of popunders in several high traffic websites. Limitation: no popups or popunders allowed. more..

WholeSale Traffic PopUnders
Traffic comes in the form of popunders from several high traffic websites as well as allowing you to put in exit traffic popunders to earn targeted traffic from an exit trade network. more..

Abandoned Domain Traffic
Offers wholesale traffic in the form of redirects from abandoned domains. If your site has a search feature, abandoned domains might bring in a lot of searches, for example. more..

Unique Visitor Traffic
This package guarantees that all hits to your site are unique visitors. Only unique IP addresses will count in your promotion. more..