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Complete Details About Our Services

EasyHitz.com specializes in Internet Marketing by providing guaranteed visitors and hits to your site. We offer many forms of traffic that every website needs. We provide the highest quality traffic on the Internet and at very affordable prices.

We also guarantee you will begin receiving your traffic within 48 hours of ordering it. Who else can offer that? Nobody....

Every website needs our services. Getting listed in the major search engines is only the beginning of a good advertising campaign. If you want serious traffic and want it now, we have what you are looking for.

Remember, these are REAL visitors viewing your website. We drive highly targetted visitors to your site and we do it in BULK!


Guaranteed Traffic and Traffic Sources

Traffic promotions we sell are guaranteed . Unlike banner campaigns where you know how many banner impressions you will get but don't know how many clicks you get, the amount of traffic you purchase is how many visitors you get.

The traffic comes from one of four different valuable sources depending on which package you purchase. This gives your campaign the flexibility it needs to customize to your website's needs. Afterall, every website is different.

Although we do generate traffic ourselves, EasyHitz also has several major traffic suppliers. You don't have to worry about whether your traffic will be delivered. We select the Right traffic supplier for your needs.


WholeSale Traffic
Traffic comes in the form of popunders in several high traffic websites. Limitation: no popups or popunders allowed. more..

WholeSale Traffic PopUnders
Traffic comes in the form of popunders from several high traffic websites as well as allowing you to put in exit traffic popunders to earn targeted traffic from an exit trade network. more..

Abandoned Domain Traffic
Offers wholesale traffic in the form of redirects from abandoned domains. If your site has a search feature, abandoned domains might bring in a lot of searches, for example. more..

Unique Visitor Traffic
This package guarantees that all hits to your site are unique visitors. Only unique IP addresses will count in your promotion. more..